How to... Clean and lube your chain

Keeping it spinning smoothly through winter

How to... Clean and lube your chain

A BASIC one this week – but one that covers a lot of territory. Here's the basics on looking after your final drive chain, with a clean and lube. Oh, and for the veterans out there, we know you all have your own special tricks to do the job – so don't keep them to yourselves! Give us your techniques and tricks in the comments and on Facebook, and we'll pick out our favourites.

1. Chain better?

To paraphrase Winston Churchill on democracy, it's fair to say that a final drive chain is the worst possible way to transmit drive to a motorcycle's rear wheel. Except for all the other ways. An engineer would quail at the sight of all those little roller bearing surfaces, rivetted links and tiny O-rings, spinning at hundreds of rpm, in the rain, snow, salt, grit and other road debris. It's a miracle they work at all, never mind last for 10,000 miles. Compared with a heavy expensive shaft/gear drive, or fragile belt though, the light, strong, simple chain is king of the bike final drive game.



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