How-to… fit a garage door lock

Because why give low-life an easy life?

Words and pictures by Alan Dowds

KEEP your bike in a proper garage? Well done you – you've managed to keep away a big chunk of potential crims from your wheels away. But it's fair to say that most garage doors aren't really very secure – made from thin metal, and with a locking system that's positively Victorian. Beefing up the security on your garage door makes a lot of sense – and fitting a proper lock like this one will make it a lot tougher for anyone to get inside. Here’s how to fit one in five easy steps...

1. Get set

Gather some tools – you'll need a pretty tough SDS drill/chisel to make a hole in the ground, some ready-mix 'instant' concrete, and a normal drill to make the bolt holes in the garage door.




Great piece easy instructions, just one thing the way you have the allen heads exposed any one with a set of allen keys can remove the part on the door.

Top tip: I have filled the allen heads on my lock with epoxy resin glue however; you can get security allen bolts but you need the security allen keys.

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