Whither now, Husqvarna?

No more BMW engines, no more Nuda, Terra or Strada... More questions than answers.

WHILE the news of Husqvarna’s sale by BMW to KTM boss Stefan Pierer (but not to KTM itself) has been widely reported, there’s still plenty of mystery over the details of the deal.

Not least the question of exactly what Pierer will do with the brand.

It’s been indicated that once the sale is complete BMW will stop supplying components to Husqvarna. If that’s true, it means no more Nuda (currently powered by a modified, 900cc version of the F800 parallel twin, mounted in an F800GS frame), no more Strada or Terra 650 (which uses the BMW 650cc single) and no more TE449 (it’s got the old BMW G450X engine).

OK, so Husqvarna will have presumably have access to the whole gamut of KTM motors, from two strokes to the 1190 LC8 twin, but even so it means starting from scratch and effectively ditching all the firm’s latest models.

Pierer Industrie AG says that “a relaunch of the Husqvarna brand with a new product range is planned for the international motorcycle exhibition at EICMA 2013” but gives no other details.

There’s also the question of what will happen to the stuff created at Husqvarna under BMW’s stewardship. What becomes of that 900cc version of the parallel twin, for instance? Surely a shoe-in for an updated version of the F800GS, although with over 100bhp compared to 85bhp for the existing F800GS it might be treading too close to the far more expensive R1200GS if that happens. As for the 650 Strada and Terra, BMW has already ploughed those furrows with its own old G650 models. Remember the short-lived XMoto, XCountry and XChallenge? No, didn’t think so.

What do you think Pierer should do with Husqvarna? Turn it into another off-road-only brand to rival his existing companies, KTM and Husaberg? Mine its history to ride the wave of McQueen mania, creating a reborn take on the 400 Cross?