When overtaking goes horribly wrong

Idiot car driver forces overtaking motorcycle to flip

DRIVERS can't blame the 'blindspot' when there is no indication or checking of mirrors before pulling out. Possibly the most disturbing part of this video is the driver's lack of acknowledgement that he collided with the motorcycle. Particularly when, at first look, the motorcycle flips which could have quite easily crushed the rider. Luckily the rider got let off with just bruises.

However, it does not mean that the car driver is solely to blame. Why would the motorcyclist not wait to see if the car in front was planning to overtake? It also doesn't look like the bike indicated either.

The top comment on the YouTube video suggests it was just as much the motorcyclists fault:

"Not condoning what the driver did...he should have checked his mirrors and indicated before pulling out...but this is a dangerous manoeuvre I've seen bikers do far too often, and the biker is as much to blame in this in my opinion You can quite clearly see that the car is following the car in front rather closely, suggesting an overtake when there was enough room...the biker was being impatient and thought because he has a vehicle that accelerates faster than a car, that he could out-speed the car and overtake both of them...he was following the cars much too closely and being totally discourteous to the other road users for the sake of his impatience!"