Snow biking - the awesome way to ride in winter

When England is buried under feet of white, convert your motocross machine into a snow bike!

Snow biking - the awesome way to ride in winter

BRITISH SUMMER TIME is less than three weeks away, and yet only days ago heavy snowfall left much of the UK buried under feet of snow. 

Trains were cancelled, gas supplies reached a dangerous low and supermarkets countrywide ran out of bread.

Britain was in the midst of the apocalypse. And with extreme weather becoming more and more frequent (thank you global warming), you better bloody get used to it.

But when the world is under layers of white, what about motorbikes?

Riding on road is just out of the question…

Off-road is slightly less hazardous, but nonetheless exhausting.

So enter snow biking, the winter pastime for off-road riders of snowy nations.

Despite looking like the bastard love child of a dirt bike and a snowmobile, snow bikes are actually fully functional powder-bashing beasts.

With a tank-like tread replacing the rear wheel and a ski replacing the front, these dirt-bike derived machines are lighter, nimbler and a lot cheaper than snowmobiles. You can throw them around like you would a two-wheeler on dirt, and don’t need to worry about flipping them as you would a snowmobile.

Just check out this awesome video from Red Bull.

And the best bit? You can make your own from your summer ride. Just add a conversion kit, and a bit of elbow grease and Bob’s your uncle.

Timbersled is the big name in the industry, but Moto Trax, Yeti Snow MX, Sno Ripper, and CMX also produce the parts.

As you may have guessed, snow biking’s biggest following is in America’s backcountry, however it’s also popular in Scandinavia and Japan.

But with the white stuff falling more and more often in the UK, it looks like British bikers may soon have a new winter hobby.