Make mine a Triple! Oulton Park weekender

This weekend I'll mostly be going round in circles. At Oulton Park.

This weekend I'm heading to Oulton Park to see what being a factory rider is all about. Well, almost.

The Triumph Triple Challenge is a support series to BSB similar to the Ducati 848 Challenge which I'm running myself in this season. This one-off ride in the TTC is my chance to see life on the other side of the fence.

Not only do I get to sample what the Triumph boys get up to and how they get up to it, but I also get to experience what it's like to ride a bike and work with a mechanic and suspension technician. It's going to be a whole different experience to running myself and calling on anyone and everyone to lend a hand.

I've also employed the services of Peter 'Pesky' Ward, who's a former BSB Superstock Cup champion, current Triumph test rider and runner-up in last year's TTC championship. Let's just say, if I was a half-decent rider and this was serious, then Pesky would be my manager; giving me tips and helping me translate my thoughts into feedback for the guys working around me.

The total cost for the nine-round series is £16,000+ VAT (cheaper if you pair up with a Triumph dealer) which, in the world of racing, is quite cheap. Your sixteen-large gets you a prepared bike, entry fees and tyres but also includes Triumph's Academy, where riders get to learn about racecraft, suspension setup, PR, fitness, diet and more.

Me? I'l be more worried about being 5 seconds off the pace than what I had for breakfast.

I've never been to Oulton, never ridden a TTC bike. There are some seriously quick guys out there, some of them will no doubt be on the proper BSB grid in years to come.

Think of a tough challenge, then triple it. That's what I've got in store this weekend.

I'll keep you posted.