Honda's Mean Mower returns

This would make moving the grass a little more exciting

REMEMBER Honda's Mean Mower? No, me neither...

But apparently it's back and better than ever, this time with a 189bhp Fireblade engine under the bonnet. 

Almost 4 years ago exactly, on March 8th 2014, the Honda lawnmower hit 116.57mph at the IDIADA proving ground near Barcelona, taking the title of 'World's Fastest Lawnmover'. A year and a half later, the record was broken by Norweigan Per-Kristian Lundefaret, who reached 133.57 mph in a modified Viking T6 lawnmower.

With the 999cc Fireblade powertrain now powering the Mean Mower, we expect even bigger and better things... But whether it will match the bike's 186mph top speed is unlikely due to its weight and aerodynamics.

The 2018 mower has been built by Honda’s BTCC partner, Team Dynamics, and racer Jessica Hawkins will be behind the wheel.