Barbie goes drifting thanks to CRF230 engine

A 72 mph top speed and 6 seconds to 60mph is no joke

WHAT DO you get if you stuff a dirt bike engine in a Barbie Mustang?

Tons of power and an absolute drift machineā€¦

The guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. did just that, and squeezed a 240cc Honda CRF230 dirt bike engine into a Power Wheels toy Mustang.

But first they sourced an old go kart from Craigslist and cut it down to size to fit under the Barbie car.

In total, the wicked little build took them just four days.

So far, the potent Barbie car has achieved a top speed of 72 mph, hit 60 mph in 6 seconds and completed a 16-second quarter mile.