5 of the coolest race-inspired helmets | 2019

Visordown takes a closer look at some of the best and coolest race-inspired helmets that are available to buy in 2019 

Isle of Man TT Races Limited Edition RX-7V

Although most of us aren't racers, there’s no harm in looking and feeling like one by purchasing a wicked-looking racey lid. Here are some of our top picks: 

1. Isle of Man TT Races Limited Edition RX-7V (2019) 

Price: £789.00
Available from: The Visorshop

Perfect for any Isle of Man TT fanatic this limited edition helmet celebrates Arai’s commitment and connection with the Isle of Man TT Races. 

Arai’s Isle of Man TT Races Limited Edition RX-7V is the latest in the line of collectible TT focused helmets which began in 2007. Renowned designer Drudi Performance has ramped up the colour this year with fluorescent yellow set against black with the three legs of man, and famous triskelion in gunmetal on either side.

2. AGV Pista GP-R Rossi Winter Test (2019)

Price: £1,199.99
Available from: AGV

Valentino Rossi - never one to be bland - revealed the Winter Test 2019 Livery Pista GP R at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit. The brand-new design is a proper eye-catcher. Maybe it’s designed in such a way to distract the other teams from focusing on the M1’s new parts? 

Either way, the AGV Pista GP-R is a top of the range full carbon fibre racing helmet, And successor to the popular Pista GP. 

The Pista GP-R has metal air vents and a Biplano spoiler that is wind-tunnel tested to ensure maximum stability and aerodynamic performance at high speeds. Pretty cool ehh?

3: Shoei X-Spirit 3 

Price: £799.99
Available from: Feridax.com

This bright and vibrant lid works best at high speeds, being hailed a ‘pure racing helmet’. During the development of the X-Spirit III, racing performance was at its centre and nothing else. 

High flow ventilation performance and an overt sophisticated aerodynamic system, makes the Shoei X-Spirit 3 the perfect addition to any track riders arsenal.

4. SHARK 30 Year Anniversary Race-R Pro GP (Limited Edition)

Price: £819.99
Available from: www.nevis.uk.com

To celebrate SHARK’s 30th anniversary the brand has designed limited editions of its iconic racing model, the Race R Pro GP, in three different colour options: Red Carbon Black, Black Carbon Pearl, and White Carbon Black.

Limited to only 1989 units (663 units of each colour) and the new Race-R Pro GP models feature the very SHARK-like aerodynamic spoiler/fin. Which almost looks like a clone troopers helmet. Dope. 

These limited editions lids are built for the track and tested in close collaboration with MotoGP racers, Computational Fluid Dynamics technology to achieve the best possible aerodynamic efficiency. Pretty awesome right? 

5. Bell Race Star Flex

Price: $799.99
Available from: Bell

The Race Star consists of a 3k carbon fiber shell construction and is packed with plenty of racey tech. The proprietary Flex liner provides high-levels of protection, and Magnefusion cheek pads ensure superior comfort with optimal fit. You know, to give you that ‘real’ pro hamster-like look…