Buyers Guide | Toads Top Four Current Triumph Motorcycles

Toad picks out his four favourite current Triumph motorcycles and shares why he thinks they deserve your attention

Toad picks his best Triumph Motorcycles

THE breadth of the range of Triumph Motorcycles on offer in 2022 is an all-encompassing journey through the world of modern motorcycling. Whether you are looking for an adventure machine, retro roadster, or super naked – the British brand has pretty much got you covered.

That offering will be bolstered further in the coming months and years, with Triumph moving into the off-road and enduro segments. But what about its current range, which of those bikes are the flagship models that really deserve your attention?

We’ve been lucky enough to ride every new bike Triumph has released in 2022, be it as part of a UK road test, or a press launch in sunnier climes. With hundreds, and sometimes thousands of miles spent testing each of its machines, here is our pick of the crop of current Triumph motorcycles.

Best Triumph Motorcycles 2022

4. Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS

The updated Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS was released in 2021 and presents a huge step forward for the iconic naked.

Opinion from the launch:

"New chassis and revised suspension provide sports bike levels of control and capability"

“The level of spec as standard is extremely high, with electronics and adjustability through the new TFT that again set it apart. It’s also probably one of the most accessible machines in the class, partly thanks to the chunky torque and power and juicy delivery of that new 1200cc engine, but also due to its top-spec componentry and hardware Triumph has used.”

“The new bike does turn much more quickly than before, with the improved electronics and Brembo Stylema calipers allowing you to take great big bites out of the corner entry, something you could do on the previous machine, just not quite so aggressively.”

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3. Triumph Rocket 3

The Triumph Rocket 3 might not be the most recently updated motorbike on this list, but it simply cannot be overlooked. It is a two-wheeled statement of intent, a design exercise in creating one of the most visceral automotive experiences you can get.

Opinion from the launch:

“There is a lot of refinement on offer with the Rocket 3, plus style, and one huge, 2.5l reason to get yourself a test ride on one. I guarantee you will come back from that with a smile on your face.”

“The engine while exciting and eager to hurtle you at the horizon with the merest flick of the wrist is still manageable and not as intimidating as you’d expect from such a large machine.”

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Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR

If the RS version of the super naked is a huge step forward, the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RR is a giant leap on every front. Taking the Speed Triple 1200 RS as its base, the new RR adds electronic semi-active suspension, a stunning café racer fairing and sportier ergonomics.

Opinion from the launch:

"The new RR went some way to answering the call of many fans, who for years now have lusted after a Speed Triple derived sports bike."

“Whatever you’re doing on the bike, be it bimbling to the shops or hammering along a road or track, the electronic Öhlins and stunning chassis have your back. Think of it like a tiny suspension expert clambering around the bike and adjusting the suspension settings a couple of hundred times a second.”

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Triumph Tiger 1200

If you are looking for the model that has come the furthest with its latest update, it has to be the Triumph Tiger 1200. Not only has the number of bikes in the Tiger 1200 range grown to include two new, high-tech, big tank Explorer models, but the entire machine also is all-new from the ground up, and it truly is a class-leading machine.

Opinion from the launch:

“The Tiger 1200 is much lighter, more powerful, easier to ride, more capable, and it features more technology than ever before. There is also the inclusion of two new Explorer models in the family, that squeeze their 30l fuel tanks in at the head of the GT and Rally families. It is faster, more capable, cleaner running, and just as comfortable as before.”

“It’s really no surprise to see the Tiger 1200 lean on that T-plane design we first saw in the Tiger 900. In both bikes, the engine is a peach, providing a best of both worlds feeling that is loved by road testers and customers alike. And Triumph didn’t stop there. The engine is all-new, from the crankpins to the valve gear, the 2022 Tiger 1200 boasts 150bhp, 95lb-ft, and is backed up by that unmistakable T-plane character.

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Triumph Tiger 1200 test ride campaign

For those riders looking to sample the Tiger 1200 for themselves, Triumph dealers are currently running a test ride campaign, allowing you to either have a go on two of the all-new models in one day or take just one of them out for an extended ride.

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