Why I did advanced motorcycle training - and why you should too

We're all told to do advanced motorcycle training once we pass our test, but surely passing my test means I’m safe to ride?

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UNFORTUNATELY, not always. Not all training centres are built the same, and some will train you to pass the test, not to ride safely. Visordown was asked about their experiences with advanced motorcycle training and whether it helped them.


Alex Strange - Content Editor (BikeSafe)

This is an excerpt of Strange’s full-length piece on the Bikesafe motorcycle training.

I had top-tier training when first jumping on two wheels, so a much-deserved shoutout to Jim at CamRider. You could say he gifted me all the tools to keep up good riding habits - which this BikeSafe workshop is just adding to!

I came away with a noticeable improvement in my riding ability and understanding of bettering my roadcraft - every day is a school day, after all.

All in all, I highly recommend going for it. Whether it’s just for a brush up on your skills after no training for over a decade, a confidence boost after any road incident or just an excuse for a ride - BikeSafe has certainly got the Visordown stamp of approval. 

You may well just come away wanting to learn more - at which point you can consider the other further training options out there. 

At the end of the day, the sheer improvement in your own skill and confidence is worth the price alone, while the certificate with the potential for a discount on your insurance with Devitt is a nice bonus.


Sam - Commercial Manager (IAM)

I didn’t know how to ride until I did advanced riding.

I passed my CBT in December 2018 and rode almost every day, no matter the weather before I got my full license in December 2019. After riding in ice, snow, and on new tyres on slick roads, I was confident that I knew what I was doing; until my first IAM lesson.

My instructor rode an SS1000RR and had no hesitations from taking off to make me catch up. That was how I found out I’m quite a slow rider. I also found out that I was constantly in the wrong gear, and although my positioning was correct to pass the test, it wasn’t the most productive or safest way to ride.

Although I didn’t complete my IAM certification due to health complications, the skills I learned greatly improved my riding skills and confidence. I don’t just recommend advanced training; I believe that every rider needs additional training at some point. And if you’ve done none and think you don’t, then you do. The worst riders I’ve ever seen are the ones that have been riding the longest.


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