Triumph Street Triple – the NEW bike bargain!

As the 2023 Triumph Street Triple is patiently waiting in the wings, the bike it is replacing is looking like an ever more attractive machine

Street Triple RS_Launch_4023

TIME waits for no motorcycle – or words to that effect. Simply put, the world moves on, the young grow old, and the once ‘world’s best’ bikes from a few years back are sent out to pasture.

It’s likely happening at dealers up and down the country, as motorcycle dealers look at the shop floor and try and figure out where to squeeze in those shiny new 2023 models.

One bike that will likely be landing in a vast number of people's google searches is the previous generation 2020 to 2022 Triumph Street Triple. It’s about to be usurped, meaning that dealers will be looking to make some room in the shop for the 2023 replacement. And by ‘making room’ we mean dropping prices, chucking in low-credit finance deals, and maybe some accessories.

Yes, the little Street Triple may be slightly down on power compared to the recently announced updated model, but out on UK roads (and many of the UK’s tracks) the missing ponies will be tricky to spot. What you will have, ably sat beneath you, is still one of the best handling mid-weight naked bikes on the planet, with a race-bred chassis, supersport handling characteristics and decent comfort for longer, more relaxed rides. Add to that the Street Triples only slightly tweaked styling between 2022 and 2023, and it’s not like masses of people out on the road will even know you are riding around on the previous generation machine.

To get a fresh look at the outgoing bike, I’ve just spent a few weeks out on the wintery UK roads, getting reacquainted with a bike I’ve rarely ridden since the press launch at Cartagena. It’s always handy in this job to have a quick look back before you glance forwards, and that short but sweet bit of seat time on the Triumph reminded me just how bloody good it is as a do-it-all roadster. Top-spec brakes provide immense stopping power, and that Daytona-derived chassis is still as sharp today as it felt at the launch.

So, in summary, if you were looking to land a class-leading naked in your garage, and you aren’t bothered about it not being the latest (possibly) greatest of the breed, and, more importantly, want to get a little bit more for your money, it might be time to have a chat to your local Triumph dealer.

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