Five essential tips for your first time in a track day fast group

Things to think about when you get into the fast group for the first time

By Alan Dowds

AH, the fast group. It’s always a bit of a worry when you hear people talking about it in hushed, reverential tones. It makes perfect sense of course – the people at a track day should be split up according to pace, for safety's sake. A novice trundling round on random lines on a Triumph Tiger 900 isn’t a good mix with some Superstock racer running in their 215hp, slick-shod ZX-10R.

But remember, track days aren't races – there are no trophies on offer. So getting into the 'fast group' isn't a badge of honour – it's merely an administrative safety move.

With that out of the way, here are some tips on what to think about on your first time in the fast/experienced/quick/not-intermediate-or-novice group.

1. You're still the same rider you always were…

Okay, a trackday instructor or organiser has judged that you shouldn't be in the intermediate group today. But that might mean the intermediates are a little slower than normal – it might even mean that he has more spaces free in the fast group and reckons you'll be fine if he shuffles you up there. Don't get carried away with the idea that you've somehow gained an extra ten seconds a lap since you were last here…



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