Five stupid crashes to avoid

Tyres, gravel and U-turns can be your worst enemies

Five stupid crashes to avoid

CRASHING sucks – and it's even worse when it's something stupid that's caused it. Here's five of the silliest spills you can do (and we've all done them…) And, of course, how to avoid them…

1. New tyres

Speak to any bike tyre place, and they'll regale you with tales of 5mph highsides and locked front ends outside their shop every week. New tyres are incredibly slippery for the first few miles, and you can be on your arse very quickly if you forget this. Even just shutting the throttle on a big bike (especially a V-twin) can lock up a brand-new rear tyre, and you can be sideways fast. And if you weren't expecting it, you often get caught totally by surprise.

The answer is obvious – listen to what the tyre fitter told you when you paid the bill! Go super (super) steady for the first few miles on new, cold tyres.



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