Top Five wacky tools you need to buy on eBay...

This specialist tackle doesn’t get used much but, when you need it, buying it from China on the Bay makes a lot of sense.

YOU PEOPLE don’t know you’re born. When I was a lad, when you came across the words ‘special factory tool required’ in a service manual, you knew you were beaten, and would have to get your bike down to the main dealer. The first one for me was getting the alternator flywheel off a GPz550 crankshaft – the required puller was well beyond what I had in my toolbox, or what Halfords could provide. Ditto the special clutch holding tool, the C-spanner for steering head adjustment, and much more. The proper tools cost hundreds of pounds, had to be specially ordered from the dealer, and for the once or twice you’d use them, didn’t make any sense at all.

Fast-forward thirty years, and the twin miracles of Chinese industrial production and eBay mean you can get the weirdest of tools, posted to you, for a fraction of the cost. You can buy them for under £20 quite often, and while they’ll not be the same quality as the factory tools, nor last as long as Snap-On kit, for one or two amateur uses every few years, they’ll be more than up to the job. They’ll often be useful if you work on your own cars or the like too.

Here’s our pick of the most useful weapons of war for your lockup battles!

Vacuum pump/brake bleeding kit

Essentially a bicycle pump in reverse, these are dead handy for a few specific jobs – testing out vacuum hoses on the engine intake. But they’re also good for bleeding hydraulics – brakes and clutches. This is one area where buying a slightly better quality item will pay off – one from someone like Venhill is a little bit pricier, but comes with a good gauge and extra fittings for a load of jobs on bikes and cars.

Blind bearing puller​

We bought one of these the other week to pull the baffle out of the Akrapovic exhaust on our Tracer 900. It’s a set of sprung steel wedges, with a threaded insert. When you tighten the threaded part up, it forces the wedges outwards, so they grip against whatever you put them into (oo-er!). Then, you screw a slide hammer into the whole shebang, and you can hammer it out by sliding the hammer weight up the rod against the end piece. Designed for getting bearings out of holes where there’s only access on one side, they’re also invaluable for things like wheel bearings and steering head races, where getting in properly can be a faff.


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TheMaestro's picture

These are some good tools to have ready. The cheap tools from China are especially if you only need it for one job because who wants to pay £50-£100 for a one time thing.

Some of the tools are a bit ropey though so you need to check the reviews before you commit to buying anything otherwise it's a long way to send it back and some Chinese sellers are known to make it difficult to return items.

Another effective way to find info about tools is a power tool info site thats how I found the best belt sander under $50 for a job I needed to complete.

Some of the tools are actually decent quality and will like you say last a couple of years.

Really? you're advising to use Chinese tools to lower the cost? Man are you new to power tooling? I have one suggestion for you, never compromise on brand while choosing a power tool. just check this site > , you'll not find a single Chinese product. Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch became big companies not by selling cheap products but quality ones.

There are a range of power tools from cheap (such as WEN), medium (Dewalt, ...) to expensive (Festool, ...). And in each branch, there are also many various tools. Depending on your requirement, you can completely choose the cheap tool but it's perfect for your works.

The first thing you must determine before buying a power tool is your requirement and budget. Then you can find the useful buying guides from power tool review sites. I found the way to buy the best table saw under $500 in this post

Of course, the price is often go together with the quality. Hope you will find the best tool for your jobs.

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