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Submitted by Gaz66 on Mon, 07/11/2016 - 13:14

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In June my partner and I packed up my new S1000xr and headed off to Normandy for a four day trip. Over the four days we did just over 1500 miles, the XR performed exceptionally well both with and without the panniers and top box. The wind protection is good I'm about 1.55 meters tall. The heated grips are ok but not as good as the ones that were on the K1300s I had. The power delivery is very smooth with good torque for smooth two up riding, the wide bars make slow speed two up manoeuvring very light, I do find the bars a little too wide at times. The four different modes give you good scope to have some fun on the bike, the Rain mode was well tested in Normandy and does work, the Pro Dynamic mode is really for solo riding and does allow you to keep up with the super sports bike brigade, Ok it's never going to be a tight as S1000rr but you can keep better than if you are on a GS or the K1300s. It’s a very good mix of supper sports bike and full on adventure, I'm not sure if a bike with cast wheels can be an adventure and I don't see myself taking it off road anytime soon.


Very easy to ride, great engine, the riding modes work well with the added option of the Pro Dynamic which just quickens up the power delivery, comfortable for both rider and passenger. The quick shift "Sorry gear assist" works well on the up and down shifts, the EAS is a good option if you don't like getting the spanners out. Love the wheel on the bars for controlling the navigator v which is excellent and very handy in a town when you want to zoom in.


Yes there a few, yes the bars do vibrate and for a bike that's around £16,500 it's not great that you have to add £50 bar ends to stop it. I find the bars just a little bit two wide but having had two K1300s and a Z1000xs, I'm sure I'll get over it.

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