KTM Freeride 350 (2011 - )

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This bike got me back into the world of offroading at the age of 43 . I didn't want a full on scary Enduro style bike ,just something to start pottering around my local green lanes , so this seemed just the job . First impressions were positive , smooth motor , only 25hp approx , but so light that it literally went wherever you pointed it . Confidence grew , it tickled up tricky rocky lanes that were holding back my friends of equal ability but who had larger heavier bikes . I was in love . This bike makes you feel like you are cheating as it really is so easy to ride . I only sold it because , daft as it sounds , I wanted a bike that made the trails more of a challenge , and had a bit more power and legs on the tarmac stretches . Its hard to criticize this bike if you take it for what it is - a fun trail/trials bike . Its not really designed to be doing 150 mile trail rides , as the tank is tiny and seat like a plank ( although it is possible ), and the power won't rip your arms off , even with the slightly friskier KTM power up mod . But you can lift it out of a ditch on your own , and you can ride up places you never thought you could , without that much talent . The new model has improved a few areas such as tank size etc , but this original one still gives you the same buzz .


Light , Smooth motor , nimble , almost a cross between a trials bike and a trail bike . A great bike to help you learn off road skills . Low seat height .


Its not a full on enduro bike , so suspension , and brakes etc are a little lightweight . Seat is a bit lacking in comfort and fuel tank at 5.5l is a bit small for those long day trips . Not a bike for the tarmac .

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