Husqvarna Nuda 900S

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This is a very puristic bike and if you are after a no-nonsense riding machine with a great engine, suspension and brakes, I recommend to get one if you can. If you are short and/or want a comfortable ride, look elsewhere.


1. The engine: Power from 2000rpm to redline with addional boost from 5000rpm. 2. The sound: Awesome, defies description - somewhere between a Sportster and a Ducati. 3. Suspension (R-version): Öhlins rear shock, Sachs fork, well balanced, provide good feedback. 4. Ergonomics: Great for tall guys like me (186cm), lots of legroom, wide bars. Seat becomes uncomfortable after an hour of riding, though. 5. Build quality: Overall very well built, high quality bolts and fittings, service-friendly. 6. They stopped production of the bike. If you own one, great. 7. The brakes are world-class.


1. Uncomfortable. The seat is as plush as a park bench. 2. Tires: Metzeler M5 fitted. I am no fan of these, as they provide little feedback and, although they do have a lot of grip, they do not tell you much in advance before they loose grip. Ok for normal riding, not recommended for "spirited" riding. 3. A very puristic bike. If you need ABS, traction control and all the current gimmicks, this is not for you. 4. They stopped production of the bike. Aftermarket market parts are few, original Husqvarna accessories increasingly difficult to get.

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