Buell Super TT

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One of the best Buell they make.
Slightly odd look, but that's part of its appeal.
Certainly pleasant to ride, just not on a par with the competition

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Submitted by User_188670 (not verified) on Fri, 07/03/2014 - 12:50

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A quirky machine, almost unique. Engine is like riding a diesel due to lack of revs, but plenty enough torque. Dealership very good. Expensive bike for what it is, and the money hasn't been spent of fastenings, painwork or exhaust system which appears to be made from old tin cans. One of those bikes you have to own once to appreciate, but wouldn't buy another from them - they are all pretty much the same engine and setup anyway on the XB range.


The looks draw a crowd whenever I pulled up on it. Rarely see another one on the road let alone park next to one at bike meets. Torquey engine is a joy to ride easy. Little maintenance on the belt drive. Low gravity centre lends itself well to chucking around town on a commute and high position is great in traffic too


Quality of fittings leaves something to be desired, made it look old in months. Even looking after spending a fortune on ACF50 spray over winter it came out the other side looking like it was years old. Exhaust is complete rubbish, had two within a year, it reminds me of the metal a cheap barbque is made out of (complete with the same black rubbish paint). Rusted through very quickly. "Lifetime" drive belt snapped leaving me stranded in the middle of a busy roundabout at rush hour. At 2,000milles not happy with that! Days off the road waiting for parts and damaged something in in gearbox too.

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