BMW F800R (2015 - present)

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Submitted by Soapy2 on Wed, 01/04/2015 - 23:35

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Im just over 600 mile on this bike and its in for its first (£60) service and I've loved every minute. Obviously the MT-09 and STR are more sporty alternatives but the F800R seems plenty playful enough for me. Comfort was the main issue in choosing this bike but its no slouch. Averaging 50mpg but was still running in. Although high list price got it on PCP and it was a lot less monthly payment (and deposit) than the other options mentioned.


Coming from sports bikes I appreciated the comfy riding position. 1st and 2nd gears are quite long and the bike pulls well from 2000 revs- no need to change gear on roundabouts. Radial Brembos have a bit of bite without upsetting the new USD forks. Still playing with adjustments on rear suspension but seems firm enough. Gearbox changes seems quite smooth with no false neutrals (yet). Touring pack extras all work really well especially the integrated heated grips. Prominent gear indicator on the trip computer really handy. Came with Pilot Powers-seem sticky enough


Wind blast above 70mph is tiresome (its a naked). Little bit of vibration through pegs at around 4000rpm - none through bars. Minimal underseat storage. 12V socket not on bars but below frame. Mirrors not the best - might need to bar end type. Standard equipment a bit stingy. The speedo pointer only goes as far as the Kmh digits on the inner ring and not easily readable.

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