Vincent Rapide (1936 - 1955)

Rapide (1936 - 1955)
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IMHO, you would have to be a real enthusiast to fork out for one of these for the "riding experience". However, the "ownership experience" is right up there... I would LOVE to take it on a trackday just once...


My '52 Series C Rapide is a remarkable machine. Setting aside the alarming value and overblown reputation and being as objective possible, it is quite tiny my modern standards when you get up close. The suspension is amazingly good for modern roads. The fact that the speedo rises and falls with the forks rather than with the rest of the bike is always a delight... Its not "fast" fact - it will happily cruise at 80, which on a 61 year old bike with 61 year old brakes is quite fact enough thank you. It makes a glorious noise - quite distinctive and unique.


Brakes. The books talk about locking the wheels with a firm squeeze but even though it has two separet drums on the front and another two on the back wheel, leave lots of extra room. There is no lock or ignition, so you can't leave it out of your sight when out and about...

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