Honda CBX1000 (1978 - 1982)

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1978 to 1982

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Submitted by Kawasaki Green on Tue, 16/12/2014 - 14:26

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I owned this bike for 4 years in the early 80's. I commuted across Europe many times in all weathers and not once did it let me down. At the time it was the fastest you could get (along with the Laverda Jota) and even today it could hold its own with much more modern naked bikes. It says here the top speed was 135 but there are several tests that had it at 140 plus. Of course, you would have to be flat on the tank for that but it would run all day at 124 on the German Autobahns. Prices are now shooting up for this bike so if you get the chance to pick one up do so, you will not lose money and will ride something that creates a sound that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. The scores I am giving the machine is based on todays standards. When it was new it was cutting edge.


There is nothing like that Engine. The power delivery is ultra smooth and it has enough power to suit most people. Riding a piece of motorcycle history Looking down and seeing the top of the engine on both sides! When people see it they just stop and stare


It is a 70's motorcycle, in those day power was all, handling was an after thought. So if you push it in the bends and expect the frame to flex. Younger riders may find this a little disconcerting but in the 70's we expected it and just got on with it. Proper servicing is an absolute must and any work on the engine should really be carried out by a qualified mechanic. When it was first made it would eat chains and tyres at an astonishing rate. That was because there was not the quality available then. Now would be different.

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