This wild Kawasaki ZX-25R mod gets funnier the longer you look at it

This Kawasaki ZX-25R - created by a modifier in Indonesia - appears to have embarked on an aggressive course of steroids and viagra...

Kawasaki ZX-25R, modified, exhaust

If you own a large capacity motorcycle, then chances are you’ll have experienced being singled out by curtain-twitching neighbours or finger wagging residents on your favourite biking route since owning it for ‘disturbing the peace’ with your motorcycle.

In all fairness, you can forgive the complainants for targeting those revving the nuts of their motorcycle at stupid o’clock or blasting recklessly and over the limit through a built up area.

But you and I know the audio soundtrack of a motorcycle does more than just satisfy your senses, the distinctive and audible engine noise helps bikers announce their presence in the proximity of other road users, thus limiting the potential for a hazard to occur.

Still, while we’re loathe to suggest meatier motorcycles ‘should’ be louder, that doesn’t prevent some from pushing the boundaries… well, we say pushing the limits, this example saw the limit, exceeded it and burned a rubbery new line where the limit now exists.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this bizarre Kawasaki ZX-25R isn’t being displayed with all of its factory-fitted parts… but it is very - and we mean ‘VERY’ - pleased to see you all the same.

Created by a modifier in Indonesia and posted on the val.wilson Instagram account - complete with hilariously oversized, truly XXXL exhaust pipe - you might be surprised to learn this isn’t the work of a so-called ‘Busa Bro on an aggressive course of steroids and viagra.

Instead, it is an entertaining protest at complaints levelled at bikers for emitting too much noise, according to French publication Moto-Station.

We’ll be honest, we can’t be sure this anatomically incorrect ZX-25R - which by all accounts reminds us of those hilariously photoshopped schlongs you see in photos of the adult variety - actually serves its purpose, but we can hypothetically imagine how a screaming 17,000rpm four-cylinder ZX-25R would sound as thought someone had fitted a 20 megaphones onto the end of a normal one.

Frankly, we say just go the whole hog by turning it into a monster NOS canister and let loose peeling the skin off both yourself and passers-by as you accelerate through the portal to a new dimension you just created.

At least it won’t creep up on you… though trigger fears that war has broken out.