WATCH: Your daily dose of two-stroke is brought to you by Suter

You can almost smell the pre-mix as a Suter MMX 500 as it hits the track at Catalunya

WATCH: Your daily dose of two-stroke is brought to you by Suter

IN A WORLD that has pretty much turned its back on two-stroke anything, you have to give Suter a pat on the back from even thinking of building the MMX500.

For those that don’t know, it’s a limited edition (just 99 have been built) race bike that’s powered by a V-four two-stroke that features innovative double counter rotating crankshafts. The bikes a nod back to the halcyon days of the race bikes of the 80s and 90s but has some astonishing performance figures. With a shade under 200hp and weighing in at just 127kg, the featherweight bike is capable of 310kph (192mph) and is said to handle as like a modern race bike with the character of a two-stroke GP bike.

check out this awesome 360 degree video of a bike undergoing testing below:

Suter MMX 500 Specs

  • ENGINE TYPE: 4 Cylinder V4 two-stroke with a double counter rotating crankshaft
  • DISPLACEMENT: 576 cc
  • BORE X STROKE: 56 x 58,5
  • MAX. REVS: 13,000
  • MAX POWER: 195 hp
  • TOP SPEED: 310 kmph
  • Weight: 127 kg
  • PRICE: $123,000 (approx INR 86.30 lakhs)
  • ASPIRATION: Electronic fuel injection four port throttle body four carbon reed valves
  • EXHAUST VALVE: Double flap electronic controlled
  • EXHAUST: Akrapovic four single resonance Titanium chambers
  • GEARBOX: SRT six-speed cassette gearbox
  • CLUTCH TYPE: Suter Clutch multi-disc dry
  • IGNITION: Mectronic ECU
  • FRAME: CNC machined Aluminium twin spar with multi-adjustable steering/wheelbase/riding position/height
  • SWINGARM: Aluminium swingarm, CNC machined, adjustable
  • SUSPENSION: Öhlins upside-down front fork & rear shock; all adjustable for pre-load, compression & rebound damping. Different rear links available
  • WHEELS: OZ (Magnesium or Aluminium) – 17x 3.75 (Front), 17x 6.0 (Rear)
  • TYRES: 125/75 R 17 (Front), 205/75 R 17 (Rear)
  • BRAKES: Brembo Twin 320mm steel front disc with 4 piston callipers, single 218 mm steel rear disc with 2 piston calliper
  • FUEL TANK: Carbon Fibre / Inbuilt fuel pump
  • BODYWORK: Carbon Fibre
  • DATA RECORDING: 2D (optional)