WATCH Triumph Rocket 3 attempt the tablecloth trick

With the torque that no other production road bike can match, the Triumph Rocket 3 really is a talented motorcycle

Triumph Rocket 3 tablecloth

TEN years after the famous ‘tablecloth trick’ was first attempted by a motorcycle, Triumph thought it was fine time the biggest production engine on two-wheels had a crack at it.

The Triumph Rocket 3 attempts the tablecloth trick

With the Triumph Rocket 3 boasting record-breaking 0-60 time of just 2.73 seconds for a production motorcycle, you’d have thought the machine would be the perfect bike to help you clear up after a suave dinner party. Sadly, the Rocket 3 seems to have no table manners whatsoever.

Dragging the table, its contents, and even the spilling the Châteauneuf-du-Pape (a crime in itself) it’s clear that should you need to clear a dining table to give the thing a wash, the Rocket 3 is a little bit too boisterous for the task.

Triumph Rocket 3 video review

While the video goes some way to proving that when provoked, a Rocket 3 is a riotous machine to ride, it’s not all burnouts and ASBOs. We found both the R and GT variants on the launch to extremely capable cruisers, even feeling easy to ride around town. The light clutch, lower centre of gravity and ability to pull away in any of the first three gears makes the latest Rocket 3 an extremely versatile machine. Not what you'd expect from a 160bhp mega-cruiser!

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