WATCH Guy Martin destroy Honda RC213V-S TT bike in drag race

Guy Martin and Michael Rutter have been out having a play on a runway with Rutter’s RC213V-S and Guys’ Turbo Hayabusa

Guy Martin Turbo Busa

GUY MARTIN and TT legend Michael Rutter have been out this week making the most of the summer sun and hammering up and down a massive runway on some bikes.

Guy Martin and Michael Rutter drag race

Doing near 200mph on a runway isn’t everyone’s idea of a fine way to spend a day, but when you’ve spent your life threading a 200bhp superbike between hedgerows and villages for most of your life, what does ‘normal’ even feel like?

In the clip, posted by Practical Sportsbike, we can see Rutter sat onboard his Bathams Racing Honda RC213V-S Isle of Man TT race bike lining up with Guy for a chat about their machines. Guy, on the other hand, is sat on his latest project; an 800hp boosted Suzuki ‘Busa that he’s been honing for some time to help him bag some land-speed records.

Chatting at the start of the run, you can clearly hear Rutter exclaiming how his MotoGP-derived 200+bhp race machine ‘felt like a 125cc’ next to Guy’s turbo-chanrged streamliner. Guy, in his inimitable style, simply responds with, ‘aye, and I were only ticklin’ it!’ – classic GM.

After a quick run down the mile-and-a-bit runway, the TT legends turn the bikes around, this time with Rutter taking off first and Guy dropping back to give him some breathing space. Obviously Guy’s built-for-purpose streamliner catches up, but it’s the speed differential that makes the clip so amazing, he’s been rolling for maybe five or six seconds, but seems to have already amassed a 70 or 80mph advantage over Rutters £200k Honda!


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