WATCH: Nico Rosberg crashes his Energica in Monaco

Nico Rosberg has had a bit of a mare while filming for his YouTube channel after he crashed his Energica and got stuck underneath it!

Nico Rosberg Energica Crash Monaco

FORMER Mercedes Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg has taken a tumble in his native Monaco last week after the 2016 F1 champ dropped his Energica outside a swanky hotel and ended up getting pinned underneath it!

While filming on the eve of the Formula E race weekend from the principality that has been his home for so long, Nico takes his 964k subscribers on a lap around some of the highlights of the tight and twisty street course aboard his one-off Energica sports bike. Towards the mid-point of the video, Nico heads off to grab his passes for the weekend from a friend of his, meeting him in the lobby of a posh hotel.

After stashing the passes in his inside pocket, he edges the bike forwards, sadly though he looks like he runs out of steering lock and un-ceremonially tumbles from his bike right under the front bumper of an Audi car. The biggest mistake that Rosberg made in the clip was trying to hold on to the 258kg machine, and Rosberg ends up pinned between the bike and the gap under the Audi’s front bumper, legs in the air, totally stuck.

To be fair to the F1 ace, it’s an easy thing to do, and any that says they haven’t had a bum clencher of a moment when making a U-turn on a sports bike is almost certainly lying. And to be fair to Nico, he takes the tumble in good jest, making a joke out of the moment in his YouTube channel and effectively mocking his own demise. I couldn’t imagine many other F1 drivers reacting so nonchalantly!

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