Fancy some Vespa street food? Watsonian side car built for Vespa GTS 300

Chef Adrian Jones inspired by Asian cuisine commissions Watsonian to build a Vespa GTS 300 sidecar to serve his street food!

Vespa GTS 300 sidecar street food

AUTHENTICALLY Asian street food meets a fantastic little Vespa sidecar built by Watsonian commissioned by chef Adrian Jones for Dandelion Bike Noodles, his latest street food adventure.

Having explored Asia by motorcycle for the past six years, Adrian and partner Ali experienced the local cuisine and really built an appetite for travel & amazing food - easily done. 

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Returning to the UK, their hunger to share their experiences and recipes led them to start Dandelion Bike Noodles, the scooter & sidecar mobile kitchen which has been built to cook and serve Asian street food to the UK market.

The Vespa GTS 300 is accompanied by a Watsonian ‘Paltform chassis’ with tubular steel, welded joints and powder coats, with a foldable 2.5 square-metre stainless steel work surface. On one end of the counter is eco-friendly clay ovens (called ‘taos’) which heat the woks, all served on biodegradable palm leaf plates. 

Hydraulic suspension is fitted to the sidecar to ensure a smooth ride, with a matching Vespa wheel to complete the look. 

Commenting on the Dandelion Bike Noodles site, Adrian on why he’s opted for a scooter & sidecar, as opposed to a van.

"As you travel Asia you see motorbikes everywhere. They are the workhorse. You see people and whole families of five or six travelling with their shopping, it is a common sight.

"They are used to carrying huge loads of goods; add a sidecar and it becomes a taxi or delivery service. Many become mobile restaurants feeding locals and foreigners alike."

Would you be stopping at this Vespa sidecar for some street food?

In fairness, street food in the UK is quite often characterised by the vehicle they are travelling around in, think tuk-tuks and burger vans. Looks good, hope we bump in to them somewhere in the UK!

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