The third epic Finnish dirtbike vs streetbike battle; watch as two highly skilled riders go head to head on ice, snow, and dirt. Both are riding Kawasaki’s, but which one comes out on top?

Street bike vs Dirtbike

Besides the strange intro to the video (which makes sense at the end), this motorcycle battle couldn't be more epic.

One of the riders is professional Freestyle motocross rider Sebastian Westberg, from the famous Stunt Freaks Team in Finland. The bike Seb chose for epic battle is a custom modified Kawasaki KX450F, with spiked tyres for extra grip on the frozen lake he drifts across.

The other riders identity remains a mystery… But whoever he/she is they’ve got some serious skillage! Throwing around a Kawasaki Ninja 636 like it’s a mini-moto.

Who do you think won?