Watch Breathtaking Multi-Angle Onboard of Peter Hickman TT Lap

With cameras dotted about his BMW M 1000 RR, this whole-lap video of Peter Hickman at the TT might be the best we’ve seen yet

Watch Breathtaking Multi-Angle Onboard of Peter Hickman TT Lap

Motorcycle racing on-board videos are great, but on-board clips from the Isle of Man TT just hit a little bit differently. And this video might just be up there with the best we’ve ever seen from the island. 

It features fan-favourite Peter Hickman, as he takes to the Mountain Course aboard his BMW M1000 RR during qualifying. What makes the video for us, though, is the multitude of camera angles, and the way they’ve all been stitched together in real-time for the entirety of the terrifying yet awe-inspiring 37.7-mile lap.

The video has been published on the official Monster Energy YouTube channel, and right from the start, you can see why ‘Hicky’ is such a big name as he immediately wheelies his M1000 RR down Bray Hill past the ranks of fans. And while you might think that riding a full-fat superbike around the TT course would be an exercise in brutality, what is interesting is how the Burton-on-Trent racer seems to caress the front brake and gear lever as he threads the eye of a needle at speeds approaching 200mph.

The forward-facing cameras on the bike might convey the clearest impression of the speed achieved around the course, but it’s the rear-facing camera, the one directly looking at Hicky’s visor, that gives an insight into the forces that act on the rider as his whole body is whipped and beaten up by the famously bumpy roads.

The Isle of Man TT announced at 12pm that roads will begin closing at 17:00 today, with the Supertwin TT scheduled for 19:40.

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