New Camera Angle Gives a Terrifying View of The Isle of Man TT

Fan-favourite Davey Todd has given us a rider’s eye view of the Isle of Man TT course from behind the screen of his BMW M 1000 RR

Davey Todd Isle of Man TT onboard

On-board videos from the Isle of Man TT are always welcome, although this latest one, from the Milwaukee BMW M 1000RR of Davey Todd, gives us an extra special view of the world’s greatest road race.

It shows pretty much what Todd sees, as he records his practice lap using what we assume is a miniature Insta360 GO 3 action camera mounted inside his Arai RX-7V helmet giving a behind-the-visor view. Many of the TT on-boards we see utilise a camera mounted either within the front fairing of the bike or on the fuel tank looking forwards through the screen. That’s all well and good, but it’s not exactly what the rider sees, and in many cases nullifies a lot of the forces the rider is subjected to, smoothing out the final footage. This latest view though is raw and visceral, and gives you an idea of the brutality of the Mountain Course when ridden by one of the best road racers on the planet.

Davey Todd at the TT 2023

One particular highlight of the video is the very beginning when Todd goes from trundling along the pitlane on the speed limiter at the mandated 60mph, to hammering down Bray Hill at speeds approaching 180mph. He goes from chatting to his crew and putting his helmet on, to full chat in around two minutes, which goes a long way to highlight just how quickly TT racers are able to switch on to the speed of the course when they need to. Further into the lap you get to enjoy Todd flying through towns and villages at new 200mph speeds, and while the mountain section is always the most scenic to ride and to watch from the TV coverage, it’s these sections, with road furniture and quaint cottages flying by, that give the most realistic impression of the speed involved.

The behind-the-visor view of the TT course is a new one for the 2024 event, and we can wholeheartedly say that it brings an awesome, and quite terrifying, view of the TT course.

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