Thief advertises stolen bike on Facebook

Stolen Suzuki GT250M found after being sold through Facebook

POLICE in Barrow tracked down a stolen bike after the man who took it sold it on Facebook.

Sam Lowe, 20, pleaded guilty to theft by finding after taking a Suzuki GT250M from a backstreet while walking his dog in January.

Mr Lowe attempted to restore the bike, but after failing to get it running he listed it for sale on Facebook.

The GT250M, which belonged to Sean Gibson and was described as looking like scrap but actually a collector's item, was reported as stolen on April 29th.

It came to police's attention when the stolen bike was sold on Facebook. A buyer offered to take the bike for £100 but was informed there was no logbook when he requested one as the defendant said he had it for off-road use only.

Mr Mike Graham, defending, told the North West Evening Mail: “The defendant did come across the motorbike during hours of daylight. It was found propped against a wall. He took the view that nobody wanted it.

“The plea of guilty is entered on the basis that he should have made enquiries. Any reasonable person reviewing the situation must have thought the bike had some value, even if it was only as scrap. He didn’t do anything sophisticated, he displayed it on Facebook for sale.”

Lowe was fined £85 and ordered to pay £45 towards court costs and a £15 victim surcharge, along with repaying the £100 he gained from selling the bike.