Prince Harry pulled over for 'no reason'

Police stop Royal whilst out for a spin on his Ducati 848 with a 'mystery blonde'

ROYAL biker Prince Harry was pulled over by police whilst taking a 'mystery blonde' out for a ride on his Ducati 848, as revealed by The Sun.

The third-in-line for the throne was out riding on his Ducati across Putney Bridge, South West London to take his date for a "romantic picnic under the stars" when he was stopped by traffic police, despite doing nothing wrong.

A source told the paper that when he was asked to remove his helmet he declined and his minders stepped in, leaving the officer to embarrassingly apologise.

The incident is understood to have taken place between six and eight months ago and blonde's identity remains a secret, although at the time the Prince was attached to Mollie King from The Saturdays.