Motorcycle couriers robbed of $300,000

The attack appears to have been premeditated

Istanbul moped attack

IF YOU THINK moped gang crime in Britain is getting bad, then I suggest you turn your eyes to Turkey, where two motorcycle couriers were recently attacked and robbed of about $300,000.

The incident, which took place in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district on March. 4, saw two couriers carrying cash from an exchange office to a bank targeted.

A car driven by gang members rammed into the motorcycle which the couriers were riding on, before the gun-toting assailants made off with the money. Both couriers were hospitalised, with one reportedly suffering from serious injuries.

Speaking to the Hurriyet Daily News, Celal Utku, owner of the exchange office commented: “They hijacked the money by force of arms. It is about $300,000. This is the second incident of this kind in the same area. They should be stopped.”

“Foreign investors who bring money into our country are mostly worried about such robberies. Those are people who bring into Turkey millions of dollars. Special teams should be set up for such incidents,” he added, speculating that the robbers had been monitoring the exchange office before the couriers left with the money.