A motorcycle for £1?

But there's a catch. A big catch.

A motorcycle for £1?

THIS might be the strangest eBay ad we've ever seen. In fact it might be the strangest eBay ad there's ever been. All we know is, we're not buying that bike, even if it is only £1. 

Here's just the beginning of the description: 

'2007 Honda cr250. Very good condition. Full engine rebuild less than a hours use since then receipts and old parts to prove. 

'For sale due to severe police corruption, because of the police the NHS have refused me treatment for 20 months now, I need the money to pay for a mri scan as the NHS refuse to give me my results from over a year ago, I also need the money to pay for medication as the NHS refuse to give me a prescription for medication as I have a fabricated drugs conviction and because I have enough evidence to get a whole police force sent to prison for a very long time, I also complained about the NHS and DWP helping the police to murder me and make it look like suicide. If the DWP would give me the £50000+ that they owe me I would not have to sell my bike. I also need to pay my sister back the £2000 it cost her to move me away after the police threatened to get me convicted of being a paedophile.

'Cash on collection only. Best reasonable offer will be accepted the bike will be available in Edinburgh not the Highlands.'

That's only the start of this unusual tale. Find the listing here and whatever you do, don't ask for a service history.