Is Moto-ball the answer to with our winter biking blues?

If the autumn/winter months are a time of sadness where few miles are ridden, Moto-ball could be just the thing to cheer you up

MOTO-BALL, or motorcycle polo as it’s also called, could be the answer to these long dark nights where heading out just seems too much of a chore!

The game actually started in the 1930s, with our bike-mad friends from across the channel being the first to hop on motorcycles and start kicking a ball around!

The game itself is a lot like football, except all players bar goalkeepers are mounted on motorcycles. The ball to is much larger than a conventional football, making it easier to take a swipe at when mounted on a bike!

The game is still fairly popular in France and Germany to this day, with multi-tiered leagues and international competitions between France, Germany and the Balkans a regular fixture on the Moto-ball calendar.

The Moto-ball pitch is a similar size to that of a standard football pitch, with a slightly different set of markings used to define the penalty area and six-yard box.

It's a full-contact sport, with bikes and riders regularly coming together and even looking like they intentionally take each other out - whether or not that's legal or not is unclear! 

Most of the bikes used look like hybrids of flat-track bikes and enduro machines. Italian Supermoto supremoes TM Racing seems to be a popular choice, along with modified Beta off-road bikes also being one of the steeds of choice!

Anyway, if that doesn’t make you want to nip down the park and set up some goalposts, nothing will – just make sure the neighbours don’t mind you tearing up the grass.


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Big fan of the Italian Supermoto supremoes TM Racing as well as the Moto Ball Pitch. Great article mate and ill have to share it with the guys at, as well as the team over at Keep up the great work mate!

Looks like a heck of a lot of fun. I would hate to make full speed contact with someone! I'm just daydreaming of spring so I can get back to smacking the ol' anvil - I'm a blacksmith after all! see more below:

P.S. It's worth putting on your winter gear for a ride this time of year...just keep it short : )

Great post! I've actually seen this game in the french countryside (near Reims). I had no clue it was so old!

Big fan of Dani Pedrosa!!! I hope one day one of my businesses can sponsor him :)

Man, I bet this would be a total rush.
I wonder if it'll happen this year because of Covid?

Well, all the best to the moto riders out there!

Jak with

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