Marc Marquez reveals Catalunya MotoGP helmet… but why the ant?

Marc Marquez and the Ants reveal new artwork for the 2019 Catalunya MotoGP in Spain...

Marc Marquez

IT MUST BE NICE being Spanish and competing in MotoGP since you spend almost a quarter of the season competing on home soil…

Then again, it does mean a pressure to come up with new helmet designs, which is why we are admittedly not so sure about this latest one from MotoGP championship leader (elect?) Marc Marquez.

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With a big, spindly ant on a matt white background with elements of the Circuit de Catalunya sketched in, it’s certainly an interesting and discerning choice for the Repsol Honda rider.

It’s not nature’s most loved creature, so why is Marc Marquez associated with the ant? 

It all traces back to his youth when even as a small child, he was a ‘very’ small child. Even today he’d get away with shopping in the kids’ department of Zara, albeit maybe only for very muscly ‘hench’ children. We kid… maybe.

However, his ability to wrestle a big powerful bike despite being vertically challenged is beyond compare which is why the ant – which can carry 5,000x the weight of its own body – has become his mascot.

It makes more sense than Andrea ‘The Maniac’ Iannone anyway…

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