Leaked images show Gold Wing-style 8-cylinder cruiser from China!

A series of images on Chinese social media seem to show an 8-cylinder boxer-powered bike, boasting a 2,400cc engine with shaft drive!


ANOTHER article to file in the ‘weird stuff the Chinese motor industry does’ folder, as images on social media seem to show a bonkers boxer, with 8 cylinders and more than a passing resemblance to the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing!

The bike looks to be the creation of the imaginatively named Great Wall Motor Company, and even my fairly rubbish maths skills can count up those exhausts to figure this is an 8-cylinder boxer engine. It’s estimated to be around the 2,400cc mark (going by the bore and stroke of the GL1800 engine), and is clearly still in the very early stages of development.

Interestingly, the frame that cradles the engine bears a striking resemblance to the latest generation Honda Gold Wing. It’s not identical though, with the design of this bike looking rudimentary compared to the Honda. It does though seem to be heavily inspired by the Japanese super-tourer, in true Chinese fashion. We are though only seeing the bike in its naked form, and for all we know it could end up being draped in some originally designed bodywork, with its own unique style... probably, maybe.

Obviously, we have no official information regarding this weirdly wonderful model, and we don’t really know how old the snaps are. What we can say though, is if this Great Wall Motor Company is looking to take on the might of the Gold Wing, they’re going to have to do a bloody good job with this thing!

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