J-Lo's Busa: Yours for £19,995...

Yep, £20k for a 7-year-old Hayabusa

LEAVING all temptations to smutty innuendo to one side, the Suzuki Hayabusa that starred with Jennifer Lopez in a Pepsi advert has been put on the market for an eye-watering £20 grand.

The 54-plate bike is basically stock except for the special Pepsi paint scheme, LED underbody lighting and a tail tidy, and is effectively new, with just 100 miles on the clock. The commercial it appeared in also featured a similar machine with a leather-clad Beyonce in the saddle, which was apparently later sold to a private collector. According to the bike's vendor, Farnham Honda, David Beckham, who also appeared in the same high-priced Pepsi ad, has another and Tom Cruise, for no apparent reason, has a fourth.

Check it out here.