Super Ténéré: 'better than sex'?

Adrian Chiles samples the Yamaha Super Ténéré

IN a publicity master stroke Yamaha got Adrian Chiles – host of ITV's morning show Daybreak - to give his thoughts on the Yamaha Super Ténéré.

ITV spent a fortune to poach Chiles and co-host Christine Bleakley from the BBC's popular One Show only to face disappointing results when it installed the pair in its breakfast schedule. So who better to publicise the Super Ténéré which, like Daybreak, has tried to muscle in on the success of a rival product – BMW's R1200GS – by borrowing a large a large dose of its chemistry.

“I'm not a bike buff as such...” starts Chiles. Sounds like just the chap to be taking advice from on a £13k motorcycle buying decision. Particularly as he goes on to explain that his trek on Yamaha's adventure bike took him all the way from Weybridge to West London, and then from Chiswick to the South Bank. Blimey, that must be nearly 30 miles... No wonder he said: “I knew as soon as I clambered aboard that I was in the presence of something twice as magnificent as anything I'd clambered on before.”

Chiles goes on to explain how the Super Tenere is better than sex. Adrian, you're doing it wrong.