Harley-Davidsons on a frozen lake - Dancing On Ice for petrol-heads

The lake has frozen over? Quick, go get the spiked tyres!

winter motorcycle

WHAT’S the first thing you’d do if your local lake froze over? Go and grab the heaviest bike you can find and stick some spiked tyres on, of course.

Well, maybe not, but that’s exactly what these guys and gals decided to do - and the resulting video looks absolutely incredible. This happened over in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee, which is the North Eastern United States - and it seems like they’re living the chopper dream life over there.

They have their 360kg Road Glide specials & a lighter 265kg-ish Sportster (there also seems to be a hovercraft, quad bike, kids scrambler…) fitted with snow-proofing gear, and set out to tear it up on the ice, drifting around the lake, having drag races and causing general debauchery by the bucketful - brilliant stuff.

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Obviously winter riding practice is always good, and riding your bike around in less than ideal weather can be a pretty sobering event, but it seems some clearly take it in their stride. But these lot seem to have plenty of experience, so I wouldn’t recommend going to the local village pond to try anything like this if Storm Christoph brings any arctic weather with it.

So for the latest edition of Dancing On Ice (for petrol-heads), I present to you: Harley Davidson - Swan Lake. Beautiful.

Thinking about it, I can’t imagine a riding school would ever think of sending out a brood of fledglings to keep shiny side up on an ice rink, but it would certainly be amusing to see. Either way, if this has made you question your riding abilities in winter conditions, I’d certainly consider getting in touch with your local riding school for a few refresher lessons!

Original video found on Instagram, check out the account for even more Harley Davidson related goodness: @Mannnion

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