Guy Martin talks 2023, 300mph, BSA, and his new TV show

Guy Martin has released a video giving a behind the scenes look at his garage, his 300mph project bike, and his next TV show


GUY Martin is arguably one of the most recognisable faces from the world of two-wheels. Like him or loathe him, his post-TT years have proved that there is a space for motorcycle celebrities in mainstream entertainment.

Although that isn’t to say Guy has been featuring much on television recently, as 2022 proved to be a fairly quiet time for the Lincolnshire star. But that isn’t to say he’s been putting his feet up and enjoying a brew. Quite the opposite, as Guy explains in this 2022 end-of-year update.

The video has just landed on the official Guy Martin YouTube channel, and he begins by thanking his fans for their support throughout the year. In typical Guy Martin fashion, the next bit of the chat segways a few times before he lands on the subject of bikes!

His 300mph Suzuki Hayabusa project is one bike he mentions, and despite us not hearing much about it at the moment, the machine is very much still alive and kicking. It might not be for much longer though, as Guy explains in the clip. “I’m having a massive change this [2023 ] year … there isn’t enough power in this GoPro to tell you the 300-mile-per-hour project. But news will come of that later.” The 300mph Hayabusa is a bike we’ve featured on Visordown a number of times before. It's quite possibly the most extreme of all of Guy’s two-wheeled builds, and we are eager to see if he can crack the magic 300mph.

Guy's 2022 Update - Another MAD Year! | Guy Martin

Another one of Guy's big passions gets a mention, cycling. Guy is an avid, and extremely able cyclist, having previously competed in mammoth tours on gravel and dirt such as the 2,745-mile Tour Divide. Guys latest bicycle-mounted adventure didn’t quite go to plan though. “I thought I can get to Spain in a week, I can get to Portugal in a week. Two weeks, that’ll do, and I can get a plane home… Anyway, a week had gone by and I’d only got to Leon! … I thought I didn’t need to train, and it turns out, I did need to train! I thought I could just go, get off the boat and do 200 miles a day; that wasn’t the case!”

Guy Martin on his new TV show, Power Trip

One of the biggest pieces of news from the video is that a new TV show is landing early in the new year. It’s called Power Trip, although it’s not the kind of power you might be thinking of! It looks at the UK’s energy network. How we make electricity, how it is consumed, and how we maintain the network. It covers everything, fossil fuel, hydro, wind, and even nuclear power. One of the clips he shares in the video even shows him working with a team of engineers to strip down an old nuclear reactor.

Speaking about the new show in a press release published earlier this year, Guy said:

“I've been telling the telly lot we need to do this series for ages. I've always been fascinated with power - making it, using it, tuning it, while at the same time trying to be efficient and not spend a fortune. And whether it's motorbikes or tractors or my house or power stations, the principles are the same. All the places we've had access to are trick, and getting stuck in alongside the people who work in them is bloody brilliant. The plan is to find out how power generation work, what the good bits are, what the problems are, and where our next bit of electricity is best coming from.”

Guy Martin’s Power Trip is due to air on Channel 4 in January 2023 in three 60-minute episodes.

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