Group charged with dangerous riding after GoPro footage goes viral

The Spanish group were clocked at over 200kph and committed two crimes and 39 infractions in just four minutes

speeding motorcycles

WE’VE all been there, clear day, dry roads, male bravado in full effect. These are the conditions that make taking a group ride from the sublime to the ridiculous all too easy.

That seems to have been the case for this group, who were out enjoying the start of early spring in Rioja and Navarra. The group's downfall comes when one bright spark in the gang decides to crack on the GoPro and record the hijinks.

Not content with keeping the footage on his own hard drive, he shares the footage on social media, causing him and his mates to all get their collars felt but the local plod. Nice one mate.

In the four-minute clip, the riders are seen riding at over 200kph (130mph) in a 90kph zone and 157kph (97mph) in a 40kph zone.

 The footage was filmed on the NA-110 between Torres del Rio Viana on a section of road known as Mataburros, which literally translates to ‘volume up’!

In total, the group was landed with 14,100 Euro in fines and had 132 points added to the group’s licences.

The Civil Guard Crowded Team in La Rioja, began analysing the video on YouTube in which a group of motorists who committed the above offences during the 4:51 seconds. In that time a total of two crimes and 39 infractions against road safety.

Two of them face prison sentences for driving a motor vehicle with manifest recklessness and exceeding speed limits on an interurban route.

It’s fair to say it’ll probably be the last time one of them suggests filming a ride out for a long time!

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