Never ride and shower at the same time... in case you didn't know

Two men filmed lathering up and 'showering' while riding a motorcycle in Vietnam are tracked down by police and handed fines

Vietnam motorcycle riders

We’ve all had those moments when it’s a toss up between grabbing a shower in the morning or heading straight out onto the road to avoid being late (again) but we – and police in Vietnam – implore you do one or the other, and NOT both at the same time.

OK, so we imagine this is advice you’d have thought doesn’t need to be handed out but the world is a fairly big place with a fair few people in it, so we can pretty much guarantee there will be those that make bad choices and others that make those bad choices on camera.

In this case, police in southern Vietnam captured two men riding a low capacity motorcycle shirtless in the province of Binh Duong.

In the video one man is seen clutching a large bucket of water while both he and driver leisurely lather up… all while riding. The driver is also balancing a crate of beer between his legs.

Though the two men seemed relatively happy to be filmed by the amused fellow road-goer, their fun was brought to an abrupt end when the clip ended up on social media and caught the attentions of the local police who proceeded to track them down using the motorcycle’s licence plate.

The driver was identified as Huynh Thanh Khanh, 23, plus another unnamed man.

They were fined 1.8m Vietnamese dong (around £60) for a series of traffic violations, including driving and riding a motorbike without any helmets… fitting given the circumstances of their fast-moving hair washing routine!