Best Motorcycle Videos of the Week | Slick stunts & a mad race finish

From Tito Rabat getting his helmet down onto the tarmac, to onboards with Jack Miller; we round up some of the best motorcycle videos on the net.

Tito Rabat Helmet down

It’s Friday, or as I like to call it Fri-yay. The working week is coming to a close, and how better to see if off then to watch some awesome viral motorcycle videos from across the interweb. 

We’ve collected some of the coolest and craziest motorcycle videos that are trending this week and put them in one handy place for your viewing pleasure. 

Let’s kick things off with by far the best of the bunch. 

Tito Rabat: Helmet down. 

Because getting his knee and elbow down isn’t enough for MotoGP star Tito Rabat, he decides to take it to the next level and get his head onto the tarmac... while simultaneously drifting a Husqvarna supermoto.



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Well, you know what racers say, the more fun you have the faster you go. And this looks like a proper joyride, evidenced by a good old wheelie after his head down achievement. Brrappppp.

How close was that finish?!

This nerve-wracking last-minute lunge reminds of that which you’d see at the Olympic games 100m sprint race. Apart from it’s at well over 140mph! 

The R1 rider clearly wants the win, and he’s willing to risk life and limb to achieve it. The GSXR rider senses this Kamikaze lunge up the inside and promptly stands his bike upright to avoid a spectacular high-speed smash.  


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Is it just me or can you not stop re-watching this move? It’s friggin insane.

Pramac Racing takes us onboard with Jack Miller

Now, MotoGP onboards are nothing out of the ordinary, as all the bikes are equipt with front and rear-facing cameras for our entertainment. But, Pramac Racing takes us on a high-resolution journey around as yet unseen parts of their Ducati GP machine.

In this video, the focus point is on Jack Miller's front brake and rear thumb brake as he smoothly hustles his race bike around Misano during practice. 


Seeing how close the handlebar gets to the tarmac with Jack still grabbing and a handful of front brake is just something else. 

Daytona 675R: Best sounding motorcycle ever? 

OK, so this video isn’t from this week, but Triumph recently hyped up their new road-going limited edition 765 Moto2 motorcycle, which is apparently sold out… 

I know, all of our hopes and dreams dashed. Luckily, there’s still plenty of 675 Daytona’s out there, and they sound just as badass!

And this video does the old bike proud.