Batman goes for a cruise around Glasgow on the Batcycle!

Batman has been spotted in Glasgow this week, and the stuntman playing the Dark Knight took the Batcycle for a spin around town!

Batman Batcycle

IT’S not often that major Hollywood blockbusters set up shop in UK cities for filming. It is even more rare to see Batman cruising down the street on his crime-fighting motorcycle! 

But that is exactly what has just happened in Glasgow, as the stunt rider playing the Dark Knight on two-wheels took the caped crusaders heavily modified Batcycle for a spin around central Glasgow!

The footage was captured by journalist David Pratt, who has snapped a few videos of the Bike cruising the streets and shared them on his Twitter page.

The filming going on isn’t actually for a new Batman film, with Bruce Wayne’s alter ego playing a supporting role in The Flash. That said, it seems sensible to assume that when the next Batman movie does land, the Batcycle used in the film will be closely resembling the one we see here.

There is a rumour that the bike is powered by a 750cc Honda engine – possibly from an NC750 – although, in the video of it chasing the Humvee through the archway, it does seem to have a distinctly electric whine to it. Either way, it’s certainly a cool looking ‘thing’, although I wouldn’t fancy chucking that thing down Craner Curves!

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Oh, and before you jump up and down claiming he’s riding an uninsured bike on public roads, we’ve read that the riding the Batcycle up a city street was given the green light by the authorities prior to it happening!