Isle of Man TT Ride on the Edge 3 gameplay footage released

The latest Isle of Man TT game, Ride on the Edge 3, looks more polished than before, with dynamic improvements to the in-game physics


IF this just-released gameplay footage from the latest Isle of Man TT game, Ride on the Edge 3, is anything to go by, the next instalment of the franchise is looking to be a corker!

The footage has just been released today (13 January 2022) and shows a few different angles of the first stage of the TT course. The video begins, obviously, at the grandstand, and ends at Ballacraine. Nacon and Raceward, the game's creators, are claiming the course and surrounding streets, road furniture and even trees, are an exact 1:1 match to the real course. From watching the video, I’d have to agree. The scenery and layout of the track look totally spot on.

A complaint of some of the previous TT titles was often directed at the gameplay physics. Many of the earlier versions were extremely tricky to master, and even the later editions proved to be very tough, even with gameplay assistance turned on. That is something that Nacon and Raceward have been working hard to improve, and from looking at the video, they seem to have made some improvements. The direction changes of the bike look much slicker and more realistic, while the rider’s body position is much improved in the latest game.


One element of the footage that still looks a little unfinished though is the cockpit of the bike, specifically the fork adjusters and top clamp. It’s not massively detailed, and the fork tops are just grey circular discs. It’s quite possible that this footage is not yet finished, so we’d expect this to be tweaked and improved for the final version.

The original article about the release of the game continues below.

MAY 2023 will see the release of a new official Isle of Man TT game, as Ride on the Edge 3 is officially announced.

The game is being published by Nacon and developed by RaceWard Studio, the same people behind the RiMS Racing motorcycle-led game. While the team behind the latest game have mountains of experience when it comes to two-wheeled gaming, its previous leading bike title – the aforementioned RiMS Racing – never quite hit the bullseye. It was good, but not great, and often overshadowed the leading bike sports franchise, Ride.

That said, many of the issues with RiMS centred around repetition, with customers quickly becoming bored of the lack of tracks and relatively low diversity of bikes on offer – if you were playing the career mode, it did become a bit samey…

Isle of Man TT game – Ride on the Edge 3 lands May 2023


That is something RaceWard will have to fix for the latest TT game, as jumping into this project will mean taking on and replicating pretty much every bike on the grid. RaceWard has also injected some variety into the tracks on offer, with the announcement of a new, ‘Open Roads’ feature. This mode allows gamers to travel freely across an estimated 125 miles of traffic (and speed limit) free IoM roads, checking out points of interest, taking part in challenges, and competing in online competitions.

As mentioned at the top, Isle of Man TT – Ride on the Edge 3 is set to land in May 2023. It’ll be landing on all the leading gaming platforms, including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

More information can be found on the RaceWard website.

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