WATCH: On board with Lewis Hamilton on Yamaha MotoGP bike

Get a closer look at Lewis Hamilton on the Yamaha YZF-M1 MotoGP bike as you go for an on-board lap with the six-time F1 World Champion

Lewis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi

We’ve seen the promo, we’ve felt the respect he and Valentino Rossi share with one another, we’ve even heard he drop the bike at one point, but now we have the chance to ‘really’ see how Lewis Hamilton holds himself on a MotoGP bike.

Monster Energy has released on-board footage for one of Hamilton’s laps on the Yamaha YZF-M1 as the six-time F1 World Champion finally got his chance to ‘be Valentino Rossi’ for the day, with the Doctor earning the same privilege in his Mercedes race car.

Hamilton is a known motorcycle enthusiast and is often seen arriving for his home Monaco Grand Prix on MV Agusta machinery, while he got the chance to ride a WorldSBK spec Yamaha R1 last year too. However, this was his first outing on a MotoGP bike, a substantially different beast.

Naturally, Hamilton isn’t ever going to be quite so aggressive as he finds his way on the bike but this footage shows he certainly gives it a fair go as he puts his knee down and adopts an entirely different way of thinking when it comes to motorcycle vs. car.

If this footage is the same lap (and not edited together from other laps to look like one), our – unscientific - stopwatch puts this lap at around 1m 42secs. As a reference, Fabio Quartararo’s pole was 1m 29.978s.