Stoner quashes retirement rumours

Reigning champion says don't believe anything "until you hear it out of the horse's mouth"

AT the Estoril press conference Casey Stoner was quick to put an end to the rumours that he was considering retirement at the end of the season.

The rumour was spawned out of the Spanish media after a magazine revealed their 'bombshell' that the reigning champion was looking at an early retirement at the age of 26 to spend more time with his young family back home in Australia.

"Until you hear it out of the horse's mouth, there's just so many rumours going around permanently," said Stoner, as quoted on MotoMatters.

Stoner has always said he'd stop racing when it was no longer fun, he added: "I think I'll know when it's time. I am actually going to stick to my word, I'm going to retire when I stop enjoying racing. There's so many people that say that but you see them retire a lot later and you know they haven't been enjoying racing for a while.

"The money keeps people here, they're making money, they've got the lifestyle, but I'm not in it for the money, I'm not in it for the lifestyle, I'm in it for racing. When I do stop enjoying it, I will hang up the leathers and go home."

Regarding his contract, that ends this year, Stoner commented that he prefers year-by-year deals and that they are the best way forward. His father, Colin, is currently negotiating a new contract with Honda.