Yamaha door not closed to Rossi

2013 silly season in motion, already

MUCH like his departure from Honda, Valentino Rossi seemingly ended his tenure at Yamaha with burnt bridges, but according to Yamaha's Lin Jarvis the door may not be closed to the Italian.

The biggest rumour surrounding Rossi's return to Yamaha has the seven-time MotoGP champion leasing his own bikes in a satellite team sponsored by Coca Cola - who, as pointed out yesterday, appear to be interested in buying Monster Energy.

"It's hard for me to say what happens, but I get the feeling that he has lost confidence in the bike," Jarvis told AS.com

"Valentino is an extraordinary rider and understands how to improve and develop a motorcycle, but if you are unhappy with something you cannot perform at your best.

"Continuing like this is not good for him or for Ducati, or the sport. I have not thought about him for next year. Yamaha already has two factory riders and two satellite riders. Tech 3 has two bikes for next year, so it’s not an easy situation.

"His return is an interesting possibility? Especially for the press, I’m not closing the door, but it is not a realistic situation. What matters is that Valentino fulfills his agreement with Ducati. The season is very long and there is still time to make an informed decision."